Pure Profile

Pure - I'm Still Yours era


Group Name: Pure
Debut Date: April 4th 2013
Debut Single: I’m Still Yours
Leader: Soohyuk
Agency: Pure Entertainment
Members: Jimin, Soohyuk, Chanhwee, Jungbin, Younghoo
Website: http://www.pureenter.com
Fact: – PURE is the KPOP idol group made up 2012.
– PURE will release the album December 2012, charity album for Sandy hurricane and Japan tsunami, standing together, especially for the people suffered by natural disaster.
-The profit from this album will be donated to people hurt from earth quake and hurricane in Japan and USA.
-PURE hope to make better earth by inspiring friendship and heart to hurt people with this album.



Pure Jimin³»Áö_140_190.indd

Fullname: Kang Seon Kyu (강선규)
Stagename: Jimin (지민)
Nick Name: Black Jimin
Date Of Birth: 03-02-1990
Height: 184 cm
Bloodtype: B
Hobbies: Writing lyrics
Position: Rapper, Visual
Twitter: @purejimin


Pure Soohyuk³»Áö_140_190.indd

Fullname: Im Jin Hwan (임진환)
Stagename: Suhyuk (수혁)
Nick Name: White Soohyuk
Date Of Birth: 18-09-1988
Height: 182 cm
Bloodtype: A
Hobbies: Reading & Playing games
Position: Leader & Rapper
Twitter: @puresooheok


Pure Chanhwee³»Áö_140_190.indd

Kwon Chan Hwee (권찬휘)
Stagename: Chanhwee (찬휘)
Nick Name: Pink Chanhwee
Date Of Birth: 26-01-1989
Height: 178 cm
Bloodtype: A
Hobbies: Doing impersonations
Position: Main Vocalist
Twitter: @ppink_ch


Pure Jungbin³»Áö_140_190.indd

Fullname: Lee Jeong Bin (이정빈)
Stagename: Jeongbin (정빈)
Nick Name: Blue Jungbin
Date Of Birth: 12-02-1991
Height: 180 cm
Bloodtype: O
Hobbies: Performing
Position: Lead Vocalist
Twitter: @purejungbin


Pure Younghoo³»Áö_140_190.indd

Fullname: Roh Young Ho (노영호) / Noh Young Ho
Stagename: Younghu (영후)
Nick Name: Yellow Younghoo
Date Of Birth: 24-03-1993
Height: 179 cm
Bloodtype: O
Hobbies: Watching movies
Position: Vocalist, Maknae
Twitter: @yellow_younghu

LAST UPDATED: November 29 2013 03.04 PM


4 comments on “Pure Profile

  1. Well, i really love this Kpop idol group.. Their song “Wedding Day” nice isn’t it.. 😀 I will support you guys.. Fighthing!

  2. Does anyone know what’s going on with these guys? When are they gonna have a comeback? And where can I get updates about them in English? I haven’t had Internet in a while until now and they’re hard to google lol

    • Suhyuk, Chanhwee and Jeongbin are no longer in the group 😦
      They are currently on hiatus with only two members (Younghu and Jimin) remaining.
      The company are currently searching for three new members to replace them with.
      This was on the news in about a week ago i think it was 24/7 Kpop page, neither the old members or the company has given their reason why the three members left.. so either they left or they were kicked out 😦

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